Who is 4player?

4player is an organization started by the Danish Football Players Association, providing second career guidance and support to both current and former elite athletes and helping them transition from an active sports career to a second career. Members of the Danish Football Players Association, the Danish Handball Players Association and the Danish Elite Athletes Association are entitled to help and support from 4player.

4player has a holistic focus, providing support and guidance from an early stage in the sports career – e.g. support in taking an education next to the sport – to the actual transition, career guidance and landing on your feet after the sport. 4player also focuses on the mental health along the way.

Education and development

Combining a sports career with an education is both challenging and time-consuming – but doable! 4player help elite athletes in combining their sports career with an education, without it affecting their sport. The key is flexibility, so that the athlete can study on his/her own terms (within the law of limitations), and 4player cooperates with the various Danish educational institutions in delivering this flexibility.

4player offers:

  • Guidance and support
    4player help the athlete in identifying his/her educational needs and the possibilities at hand, along with applying for the education and putting the athlete in contact with the 4player-contact at the educational institution.
  • Local projects
    Some educational institutions have a local programme helping the elite athletes in combining sports and studies by offering support and flexibility. When facing challenges and needing flexibility – e.g. an extended study plan or moving an exam due to the sport – the athlete has a central place get help. In some instances, 4player hires a co-student (a so-called ‘buddy’) to share notes and keep the athlete updated.
  • 4player Online Academy
    4player Online Academy gathers a series of flexible Danish online educations that meet the needs of an elite athlete. By studying online there are less (or none) attendance requirements, and the athlete can structure his/her own time to fit in lectures, assignments etc. when it’s convenient during the day.
  • FIFPro Online Academy
    In cooperation with the international football players union FIFPro, University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) offers the education Sport Management in English online to football players all over Europe. As it is 100% online, lectures are recorded and put online, assignments are handed in online and exams are done online via webcam, making the education extremely flexible and accessible for elite athletes.

Job & transition

Both current and former elite athletes have some unique competences achieved in their sports career but creating a new identity and transitioning from being an elite athlete to a second career isn’t an easy task. 4player help the athletes in preparing for a career change and finding them a suitable job – e.g. by pairing them with 4player partner companies, who have an interest in the athletes and the unique skills they bring from the sport.

4player offers:

  • Guidance and support
    4player help elite athletes to identify their personal competences along with clarifying their wants and needs in a new job and how to get there. 4player also help shaping and optimizing their profile and CV and guiding them through the process of transitioning to a new career.
  • CV-database
    On the 4player website it is possible for both former and current elite athletes to create and upload their CV in a CV-database. The database is unique as it is exclusively for elite athletes, emphasizing the special competences they have. 4players partners can then access the database and recruit any number of candidates.
  • Partner network
    4player cooperates with several companies that are interested in recruiting elite athletes. The partners are presented at 4players website, where they can present themselves and the career opportunities theey offer. This way elite athletes can get a quick overview of the opportunities presented by the partner, who by default are interested in the unique competences elite athletes have.
  • Networking and mentor/mentee arrangements
    4player has by default a large network of current and previous elite athletes, that we encourage everyone to use – to support each other with their advancing career. Furthermore, a mentor/mentee arrangement can be beneficial and a positive experience for both parties. As a mentee you can benefit from a mentor’s experience and guidance for advancing in your career. As a mentor you will get the opportunity to meet, support and maybe get inspired by a young and ambitious winner who wants to follow in your footsteps.


Mental health

The life as an elite athlete can be linked to mental stress and mental issues both during and after the sports career. It can e.g. be caused by performance pressure, injuries, career circumstances, loss of identity and gambling issues – or by events in your life moreover. 4player is ready with guidance and support to help you prevent and take early action, if you experience any mental issues during or after the sports career.

4player offers:

  • Guidance and support
    In 4player we’re ready to help you with guidance and forwarding to professional help. We have established a network of professional counsellors and therapists, so you – as a member – can get immediate and optimal help. We are ready to have a confidential talk with you. We can guide you, if in doubt. We can ease you, if you need help, as we will ensure that you get the correct professional counseling or treatment as quickly as possible. 4players team have complete client confidentiality and are trained in mental first aid. You can contant 4players team all working days between 08.30 – 16.00 (GMT +1). See contact information
  • Anonymous helpline
    If you wish to talk to an authorized psychologist due to mental issues requiring treatment, without first talking to 4players team, you can use 4players anonymous helpline. Our helpline is run by Encounter, who are ready to help you. Here you will quickly be granted a session/consultation based on your needs and issues. By using the anonymous helpline you will remain anonymous to 4player, but not to Encounter and the treating psycologist. Encounter have client confidentiality and comply with the laws of the healthcare system. You will be asked to state your social security no., so that Encounter anonymously can verify your access to counseling cf. the conditions below. 4players anonymous helpline is open all working days from 09.00 – 15.30 (GMT +1) on phone no. +45 53 700 400.
  • In need of immediate help
    If you find yourself in a critical mental condition, hvor you experience serious mental issues and/or have suicidal thoughts, you should immediatly contact your own doctor, doctor from the emergency service, psychiatric department or Livslinien. You can use the app ‘Akuthjælp’ (Danish) to find the appropriate public treatment offer in your region. Download the app on your phone for either iOS/iPhone or Android

Your access to support
4players offers and guidance in mental health are for members (active and former) of Spillerforeningen, Håndbold Spiller Foreningen and DEF-sport. Offers and conditions for paid psycology treatment varies for different member groups. Psykology counsellings can be granted by 4player or our psykology-partner, Encounter, for mental issues requiring treatment. The conditions apply both with referral from 4player and when using the anonymous helpline. Members of Spillerforeningen can be granted 3 paid counsellings. Goldies members of Spillerforeningen (former players) can be granted 3 paid counsellings in up to 5 years after ending the sports career. Players that are covered by the collective agreement in football, but who are not a member of Spillerforeningen, can be granted 1 paid counselling. Members of Håndbold Spiller Foreningen and DEF-sport have access to mental treatment by psychologist to a reduced price, but with some self-payment. It is also possible to be referred to a psychologist through your own doctor if your doctor assess, that your issues are within the criteria of being reffered. You can get a public grant for the treatment. Such treatment can involve waiting time.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with 4player, fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also see our team and contact any of us directly via the button below.

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