Advise for the re-opening

Even though Denmark is now in a process of re-opening, where a lot of activities and tournaments are resumed, it is important to be aware, that it is a new situation and new everyday life we are coming back to. Below we have set up 6 good advise on how to deal with these new circumstances.

Return to full capacity in steps

It is common, that it can be challenging and symptom-related to go from a low gear to a high gear too quickly. Be patient with yourself. Seek to be aware what is normal effects and what would be good to talk about. It should normalize, and if not you should react and seek help.
(See more on mental balance here:


Prepare for performing under the new circumstances

Resuming practice and games is not a return to the previous setup in your sport. There will be new circumstances, new practical precautions and new conditions to perform under. Be aware how this affects you, your motivation, your focus and your mood. Seek to accept these terms and focus on what you can actually do something about, here amongst your own thoughts and actions. You should get adjusted, otherwise you should react and seek help.


Manage worries and insecurity for yourself and the ones closest to you

If returning to practice and games is connected to worries or insecurities for you or the people closest to you, it would be a good idea to talk about it. If you har specific challenges related to your situation you can contact your club or seek guidance from the Players Union.


Negative thoughts and worries can reemerge

There will be a risk of returning to previous negative thought patterns and worries, that relate to your sport. You can actively work on changing this and give yourself better conditions to perform and thrive. Maybe you’ve used the involuntary break to work on your mental health. Maybe you feel like starting now. Potentially find someone who can help you.


Continue to create structure and routines in your everyday life

In spite of returning to practice and games your everyday life can still be very different to normal. It is still important that you take control and as best possible make some fixed routines (e.g. regarding practice, good sleep patterns and meals) so you create regularity and maintain a healthy behavior. Create substance and purpose by planning the things that you would like to do or accomplish during the day.


Be aware of changed routines and expectations

Following the COVID-19 situation and the extended period being at home, which has been a completely new situation, other routines, priorities and expectations can have emerged for yourself and your partner/family. Be aware of your own priorities and expectations to yourself, and that these are realistic. Be aware of your partner’s/family’s expectations to you, and talk about how things will be going forward

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