Who is 4player?

4player is an organization started by the Society of Professional Footballers (SPFO), providing second career guidance and support to both current and former elite athletes and helping them transition from an active sports career to a second career.

4player has a holistic focus, providing support and guidance from an early stage in the sports career – e.g. support in taking an education next to the sport – to the actual transition, career guidance and landing on your feet after the sport. This includes support to finding education and personal development opportunities, and getting a job next to or after the sport. 4player also focuses on the mental health along the way, for players to have a good life – your whole life.

Members of the Society of Professional Footballers (SPFO), the Danish Handball Players Association and the Danish Elite Athletes Association are entitled to support from 4player. In case you need help and guidance from your local players union (in your country of origin) we will also help to get in touch with them.



Education and development

The battle for reaching or staying at the top takes up a lot of time – and it can seem impossible to also look towards education and self-development outside the sport.

But it is actually possible to also keep the brain fit-for-education without compromising on your ambitions in the sport, so that you are prepared for the life waiting when the active sports career ends.

Below we’ve gathered a list of various options for you if you’d like to look towards education and development next to the sport.

NOTE! The options listed below are alternatives to higher educations at local universities/educational institutions. Therefore, feel free to also look into which educational institutions are near you, and what international offers they might have (note that non-EU citizens will have to pay tuition fee).


Bachelor in International Business

4player cooperates with International Business Academy, who offers a top-up bachelor programme corresponding to the third year of a full bachelor programme. The programme is 100 % online, taught in English and giving you an internationally recognized bachelor degree from Leeds Beckett University in the UK and the IBA International Business Academy in Denmark. This degree is the ideal stepping stone to a successful business career and/or further studies at master level!

NOTE! To be admitted you need to have achieved at least 120 ECTS points at academic level – that is, to have finished a Danish AP degree, a British DipHE or HND degree or similar two-year programmes from other universities around the world. If you do not have any of the above-mentioned degrees, you can be admitted based on the completion of the Pre-Bachelor programme – learn more about it in the programme presentation site.

Learn more about the programme here


Coaching course

4player cooperates with Copenhagen Coaching Center, who offers an accredited  coaching course (5 ECTS), in which you will develop and expand your personal skills and learn the basics of coaching.

This coaching module equips you with the techniques and train your skills to ask questions and build your communication capacity at all levels.

Based on practical and theoretical perspectives we discuss and use the coaching dialogue for immediate understanding and use in your professional context. For example, when leading and guiding personal performance and development among team members and employees.

Learn more about the coaching course here


Johan Cruyff Institute (in cooperation with EU athletes)

The Johan Cruyff Institute offers a wide range of paid programs within the sport industry – both online and on campus in various countries.

The Johan Cruyff Institute has also made a collaboration with EU athletes, providing special conditions to access its academic training in Sport Management, Sport Marketing and Sponsorship, Football Business, and Coaching.

See an overview of the programmes HERE



On OpenLearn you can access a wide selection of free online courses. Regardless of whether you’re interested in sports, economics, innovation, language or marketing there are options available through OpenLearn.

How to use Openlearn:

  1. Go to OpenLearn using this link
  2. You will be presented with eight major topics to choose from – for instance: Health, Sports & Psychology, Languages, and Money & Business
  3. Make your choice under ‘Course title’. You can choose courses of three different levels: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced.
  4. You now have access


Future Learn

On Future Learn you can access short free online courses, Microcredentiels and Programmes, or online degrees which both requires a paid fee.

How to use Future Learn:

  1. Go to Future Learn using this link
  2. Browse the course list to find something that you’d like to learn about and pick a course
  3. Sign up with your email or facebookand you are ready to start
  4. Suggestions for short courses: Financiel Course link, Digital Marketing link
  5. Suggestions for Micro credentials and programmes: Sports Coaching link


Sport Management course

FIFPro – the international players union – has paired with Malta-based educational provider Learning Works to offer an EQF Level 5 diploma in Sport Management – an exciting opportunity for those looking to take their career in sports management to the next level.

The programme aims to prepare students for a career in sports administration and management by developing business knowledge, skills and attributes, as well as enhancing personal development and transferable skills to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

For more information visit the FIFPRO website, and read more about the Sport Management course here


Learn a new language or improve your language skills

Are you playing in Denmark and want to learn Danish? Or going abroad and want to learn or improve on the local language? Being able to communicate in the local tongue can be a crucial and sought after skill, and through ‘International Communication’ you have the option of strengthening your language skills.

All the lectures are online. The duration of a language course is 3 months, with 20 hours of live 60-minute classes with a dedicated instructor.

A course is taught online in classes of 2-4 people or as one-to-one lessons:

Price for 1 participant online         DKK 8.800,- ex. VAT

Price for 2 participants online      DKK 9.000,- ex. VAT (DKK 4.500,- per participant)

Price for 3 participants online      DKK 10.200,- ex. VAT (DKK 3.400,- per participant)

Price for 4 participants online      DKK 10.400,- ex. VAT (DKK 2.600,- per participant)

All prices include materials, initial competency clarifications and the instructor’s preparation. Classes can be cancelled if the entire group is unable to attend.

For more information or if interested contact advisor in 4player, Anders Egholm, at anders.egholm@spillerforeningen.dk or phone +45 61 69 05 40.


Got questions? Reach out to us!

The 4player team is ready to help and answer any questions you might have. Remember, we offer online counselling sessions or sparring. These can be motivational, clarification or transition conversations etc. You can find our team here


Job and career

Both current and former elite athletes have some unique competences achieved in their sports career, but creating a new identity and transitioning from being an elite athlete to a second career isn’t an easy task.

4player help the athletes in preparing for a career change and finding them a suitable job next to or after the active sports career – e.g. by pairing them with 4player partner companies, who have an interest in the athletes and the unique skills they bring from the sport.

Career path guidance

When looking towards a potential career path after the active sports career, it can be difficult if your primary focus so far has been on the sport.

In 4player we’ll help you to find a direction, and we’ve developed a career path model that can help you along. This process seeks to ensure, that you make a serious and thorough decision with regards to your next job and career.

In the clarification process we’ll focus on finding you the right path and job, which – without previous experience – can otherwise be difficult to identify. In the clarification process we’ll focus on:

  • Personal traits, values, ambitions and the balance between work and family
  • Skills and motivating factors
  • Guidance regarding the obvious options – is the easy choice also the right one?
  • Insight to your own job profile
  • Creating a CV, followed by feedback and guidance
  • The job seeking process, and narrowing down companies
  • Guidance regarding the application process and job interview

If you’d like a clarification talk, feel free to contact the 4player team. You can find our team here


Got questions? Reach out to us!

The 4player team is ready to help and answer any questions you might have. Remember, we offer online counselling sessions or sparring. These can be motivational, clarification or transition conversations etc. You can find our team here


Mental health

Life as an elite athlete can be linked to mental stress and mental issues both during and after the sports career. It can e.g. be caused by performance pressure, injuries, career circumstances, loss of identity, loneliness and/or gambling issues – or by events in your life moreover.

4player is ready with guidance and support to help you prevent and take early action, if you experience any mental issues during or after the sports career.

Guidance and support

In 4player we’re ready to help you with guidance and forwarding to professional help. We have established a network of professional counsellors and therapists, so you – as a member – can get immediate and optimal help. We are ready to have a confidential talk with you. We can guide you, if in doubt. We can ease you, if you need help, as we will ensure that you get the correct professional counseling or treatment as quickly as possible. 4players team have complete client confidentiality and are trained in mental first aid. You can contant 4players team all working days between 08.30 – 16.00 (GMT +1).

See contact information


Anonymous helpline

If you wish to talk to an authorized psychologist due to mental issues requiring treatment, without first talking to 4players team, you can use 4players anonymous helpline. Our helpline is run by the psychologist house, Encounter, who are ready to help you. Here you will quickly be granted a session/consultation based on your needs and issues. By using the anonymous helpline you will remain anonymous to 4player, but not to Encounter and the treating psycologist. Encounter have client confidentiality and comply with the laws of the healthcare system. You will be asked to state your social security no., so that Encounter anonymously can verify your access to counseling cf. the conditions below.

4players anonymous helpline is open all working days from 09.00 – 15.30 (GMT +1) on phone no. +45 53 700 400.


In need of immediate help

If you find yourself in a critical mental condition, where you experience serious mental issues and/or have suicidal thoughts, you should immediatly contact your own doctor, doctor from the emergency service, psychiatric department or Livslinien. You can use the app ‘Akuthjælp’ (Danish) to find the appropriate public treatment offer in your region. Download the app on your phone for either iOS/iPhone or Android


Your access to support

4players offers and guidance in mental health are for members (active and former) of the Society of Professional Footballers (SPFO), the Danish Handball Players Association and the Danish Elite Athletes Association. Offers and conditions for paid psychology treatment varies for different member groups. Counsellings can be granted by 4player or our psychology-partner, Encounter, for issues requiring treatment. The conditions apply both with referral from 4player and when using the anonymous helpline.

  • Society of Professional Footballers (SPFO):
    • Members of the SPFO can be granted 3 paid counsellings.
    • Goldies members of the SPFO (former players/members) can be granted one paid counselling in up to 5 years after ending the sports career.
    • Players that are covered by the collective agreement in football, but who are not a member of the SPFO, can be granted 1 paid counselling.
  • Handball Players Association:
    • Members of the Danish Handball Players Association can be granted 3 paid counsellings.
    • Master members of the Danish Handball Players Association (former players/members) can be granted 3 paid counsellings in up to 5 years after ending the sports career.
    • Players from clubs in the best league (male/female league), but who are not a member of the Danish Handball Players Association, can be granted 1 paid counselling.
  • Danish Elite Athletes Association (DEF-sport):
    • Members of DEF-sport have access to mental treatment by psychologist to a reduced price, but with some self-payment. Contact 4player for more info.

It is also possible to be referred to a psychologist by your doctor if your issues are within the criteria of being reffered. You can get a public grant for the treatment. Such treatment can involve waiting time.

Got questions?

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with 4player, fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also see our team and direct contact information via "Kontaktpersoner".

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